Impressive, emphatic and dynamic in its academic implementation, The College of Higher Degrees and Research (CHDR) and Kampala International University (KIU) stands with competitive edge as manifested in its very competent and internationally trained teaching force composed of  Ph.Ds and masters; academic offerings and student population. The teaching and administrative workforce is evidently multicultural and multidisciplinary in nature with the presence of professionals from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines and Cuba. The student population, between 1,000-2,000(Masters and Ph.D. students combined), is obviously a mixture of international breeding from Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Philippines, India and China. It is indeed conspicuous that the institution’s vision-mission towards global competitiveness is thus placed in its optimistic horizon.

DVC- CHDRThe academic programmes of CHDR are aligned to produce globally recognized professionals. Conscious emphases are geared towards achieving academic excellence through these triad functions of higher education institutions: instruction, research and community service well orchestrated with CHDR motto... commitment in work, high performance in teaching that is of quality, dedication for gender sensitivity, social consciousness and satisfaction of the clients, research consistency and discipline.

A dynamic research program has been employed to assist the faculty staff and student researchers. a progressive endeavour of CHDR is its massive campaign for a consistent research orientation and discipline and consequently developing a well crafted research culture. CHDR is manned by competent professionals who are Ph.Ds and masters with evident research orientation and discipline.

The CHDR is KIU unit fully operating to build capacities of Uganda's young generation who are the future leaders of the country through the staff Development Scheme.In November 2011, CHDR successfully graduated 24 pioneer Ph.D scholars in these various specializations: management information system, education management (educational planning option), public management and business  management (international business, finance and accounting options). KIU was then the first private university in Uganda which made a breakthrough and a track record in social responsibility through capacity building and to have graduated 24 Ph.Ds in a row.

Undeniably, the College of Higher Degrees and Research believes in making a difference in the aspect of teaching, research and community services. it is very proud of its teamwork, competent teaching work force and student population. As it propels towards academic excellence, enrol at CHDR and join us in exploring the heights!

Novembrieta R. Sumil, BSN, RN, MAN, Ph.D(Educ.)

Prof.B (2003: SWU-Phillipines)

Deputy Vice Chancellor, CHDR-KIU

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