Deputy Principal -Teaching & Examinations

The following are entry requirements for the various degree levels in the College of Higher Degrees and Research (CHDR)

Masters Degree

The minimum entry requirements to any of the masters degree are as follows:

A good bachelor's degree ornits equivalent in the same or any other academic discipline of KIU or from any recognised university

Those with pass degree may be admitted if they possess postgraduate Diploma from KIU or from any other recognized university. Other entry requirements include Advanced and Ordinary levels Certificates or their equivalents from recognised institutions. 

PhD Taught

A candidate for admission into the programme are expected to hold a masters degree (with their) in the chosen field of specialisation from accredited institutions, comaparable in standard and contents to a degree from KIU. eligibility is judged by grade joint average and performance at selection interview.

PhD By Research

The candidate will undertake three yeas full time research in any one of the programmes he/she is currently offering at the bachelors and at the masters degree level to qualify for admission, the applicant must have studied the subject of interest but at bachelors and Msters degree level.



CHDR has lived up to its values: