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Dr. Otindo Irene



Welcome to the department of Economics and Management sciences at the College of Higher Degrees and Research. At the department, student’s issues are the focal points of our duties and tasks that make us enjoy the experience of work in this higher institution of learning. Please don’t hesitate to share your academic problems with us. As the adage goes “problem shared is half solved”. Let no academic problem defeat you alone. We expect our students to go out of the gates of K.I.U with knowledge that makes them confident to solve any problem they may come across out there be it business, economical or social challenges.

With its mission of exploring the heights responding to the educational needs of students for the global market, the department of Economics and Management Sciences of College of Higher Degrees and Research of Kampala International University. The department is comprised of three units namely:

  1. Business and Management Unit
  2. Economics and Applied Statistics Unit and;
  3. Social Sciences Unit

The above units are headed by unit heads and they offer Masters Courses in their respective disciplines. The objectives of the department are:

  1. To provide high level training, focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of business administration and management techniques, economics policy and planning, and social administration policies.
  2. To train economic, business and social analysts for the University, Government and private sector.
  3. To train a pool of researchers to generate data and publishable information relevant for policy formulation in the economics, social and business management fields.

More details about each of the departmental discipline are mentioned below:

1-Business and Management Unit

This unit offers two types of programs in the categories of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management (MAHRM).

The Business program at K.I.U is designed to develop well-rounded managers and decision makers who are both cognizant of their operating environment and well equipped with a broad knowledge of all areas of management.

Its key Objectives are:

  • To equip participants with the most current knowledge and skills to manage businesses in a dynamic, changing international environment.
  • To enhance the ability of participants to manage the process of change and corporate transformation;
  • To impart entrepreneurial skills to participants and enhance their business acumen.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) has the following specializations:

1) MBA-Accounting and Finance

2) MBA-Banking and Finance

3) MBA-Marketing

4) MBA-Human Resources Management

5) MBA-International Business

6) MBA-Insurance

7) MBA-Information Technology

8) MBA-Procurement

9) MBA-Tourism Management

Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management (MAHRM) offers course units to students who intend to specifically major in human resources management.

The general objective of the programme is to train and produce competent Human resource management practitioners with adequate and relevant knowledge, skills and proficiency to meet the unmet demand for well seasoned practitioners for the Great Lakes region and beyond.

Specifically, the programme seeks:

To expose students to Human resource management thinking of both the past and the present as a basis for further human resource management theorizing and practice.

To acquaint students with the necessary skills to understand and be able to relate properly with the array of Human resource management actors (States, NGOs, Communities, Donor agencies etc.) as they continuously contribute to the human resource management process.

To provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to enable them to participate meaningfully and effectively in the task of Human resource management in their respective communities, organizations, countries and beyond.

2-Economics and Applied Statistics Unit

The program is designed for working professionals; the candidates participate in a cohort consisting of administrative teams that address a practical case study while building capacity in areas of leadership equity and excellence; transformational change; collaborative decision making; inquire and reflective practice. Such interactions will develop candidates’ skills and knowledge base to solve practical problems encountered in educational organizations.

Programs offered by the economics and applied statistics unit are :

  1. Masters of Arts in Economics
  2. Masters of Sciences in Economics
  3. Masters of Statistics

3-Social Sciences Unit

The School of Post Graduate and Research of Kampala International University is consciously aware that to be able to serve and indeed survive effectively in the rapidly changing competitive environment, the academic programmes offered must be designed and developed with the clear aim of meeting high academic and professional standards of the qualifications and products of the University.

The School like in any other institution of higher learning, must live up to this challenge by offering well articulated courses that will provoke the post graduates to explore the heights in search for solutions to the many problems currently bedeviling our education sector and the society as a whole. The School believes that teacher education (the teacher being the most significant resource in learning), is the footstool for developing the people, the society and the economy. Indeed, the country has consistently been having an acute shortage of teachers in various levels of education.

The general objective of this programme is to produce competent Social workers with adequate knowledge, skills, concern and proficiency to meet the challenges a developing country.

The objectives of this programme are to:

§ Produce graduates who have deep theoretical knowledge in the subject area of specialization

§ Enable students appreciate the challenges of professional social workers and find solutions to the revealing challenges

§ Produce graduates who have favorable dispositions that will enhance efficiency in the management and administration of social systems

Programs offered by this unit are:

  1. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  2. Master of Arts in Public Policy & Management
  3. Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management
  4. Master of Public Administration and Management
  5. Master of Arts in Gender and Development
  6. Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling


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