Doctoral Studies


Dr. Kyolaba Sarah

PhD, MED, BA (Eds)


A. PhD Taught

Candidates for admission into the programme are expected to have held Masters Degree (with their) in the chosen field of specialization from accredited institutions, comparable in standard and contents to a degree from Kampala International University. Eligibility is judged by grade joint average and performance at selection interview.

B. PhD by Research

The candidate will undertake three years full time research in any one of the programmes S/he is currently offering at the Bachelors and at Masters Degree levels to qualify for admission, the applicant must have studied the subject of interest but at Bachelors and at Masters Degree level.


Candidates must have passed research by a Thesis mark of 60% and above. In cases where a mark is not given, a reference letter from your university must be presented in reference to the above.

PhD Programs: Taught by course work and Research

1. PhD in Management - Specializations in;

Educational Administration and Management

Educational Planning

Information Systems Management

Development studies

Public Administration

Business and Management

International Business

Finance and Accounting

Business Statistics

Human Resource Management

2. PhD in Environmental Management Science

3. PhD in Entrepreneurship Management

4. PhD in Economics

5. PhD in Counseling Psychology

6. PhD in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building



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